When a child or a young adult is dealing with the diseases of addiction and mental illness, typically they are not making rational decisions that are in their best interest, and it’s not because they’re bad. These diseases take over their mind, and so they’re not capable of making decisions for themselves, they’re not capable of deciding to go into treatment, they’re not capable of making good decisions when it comes to either holding down a job or going to school, they’re not capable of deciding that they need to go to treatment. And so by getting some form of guardianship, now the parent can take control of what is basically an out of control situation. They can make a decision to put their son or their daughter into treatment. They can make the decision to get control of finances, if finances are being depleted or used to feed the addiction. It gives the petitioner typically, mom or dad, the ability to make decisions for their child that the child is no longer capable of doing.

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