To seek a permanent guardianship requires two things. There’s going to be a petition to determine incapacity. In other words, the court is going to appoint three experts to determine is this person, is the respondent, the person on the other end of the petition, are they incapable of making rational decisions on their behalf. If the court makes that determination based on the evidence presented by the experts, then there’s going to be … petition number two is going to get filed, and that petition is requesting the appointment of a guardian. So at that point, the court may conduct a hearing if there’s opposition, and the court’s going to determine number one, is the person who’s requesting to be the guardian of A the appropriate person to be the guardian, to make the decisions that are going to be in the best interests of the ward, and number two, how long should the guardian be? Should there be restrictions on the amount of time, or should it be an unlimited guardianship that’s going to get regularly reviewed by the court. So two petitions, one to determine incapacity, and number two, a petition to determine who is the appropriate person to be the guardian.

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