Who is responsible for the cost of care when someone is confined under the Marchman Act?

Typically, under the Marchman Act, the respondent is going to be responsible for the cost of care. If the respondent is somebody who is indigent, in other words, they’re not an affluent wealthy person who doesn’t have private health insurance, then in all likelihood, if the assessment recommends treatment, they’re going to be sent to a county provider for substance abuse treatment.

If, however, they have private insurance or they are independently wealthy, then they can go to a private facility which may provide them with a better level of care. Again, if you’re using an attorney to file the petition, that attorney’s typically, hopefully, going to use a court-certified interventionist who can make the best recommendation, so the respondent gets the best level of treatment regardless of whether or not they have insurance or are able to pay out of pocket for treatment.

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