About Dr. Roberto Sanchez, PsyD, CIP, LHMC, MS, MA, BA, AAS

Dr. Roberto Sanchez

Dr. Sanchez is a Certified Intervention Professional (CIP) with over 31 years of professional experience in the behavioral healthcare field. Dr. Sanchez bases his approach on empirically validated intervention strategies for various types of addiction and mental health conditions. His experience includes interventions and behavioral health care consulting across multiple states like Florida, New York, California, Texas, and many other states in the US. He has served in the capacity of chief executive officer, chief operating officer, and executive director in multiple facilities over the past 3 decades. Additionally, he has served as an expert consultant in forensic settings in Florida, New York, California and Texas in courtroom forums, jury research and mock trials and for the Department of Corrections.

Dr. Sanchez earned his Associates Degree in Mental Health in 1989 from Del Mar College, a Bachelor of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Texas in 1992, and a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology from Texas A&M in 1995. He earned his non-terminal Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology in 2003 from Albizu University and completed his Doctorate in Clinical and Forensic Psychology from Albizu University in 2008. He completed an A.P.A. Accredited Pre-Doctoral Internship in 2006 from the Citrus Healthcare Network as well as a Post-Doctoral Internship working for the Department of Corrections in California in 2009.

Dr. Roberto Sanchez

Dr. Roberto Sanchez, PsyD, CIP, LHMC, MS, MA, BA, AAS

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