About Evan Jarschauer LMHC MCAP CIP ICADC CRRA

Licensed Psychotherapist
Evan Jarschauer

Evan Jarschauer LMHC MCAP CIP ICADC CRRA is an internationally recognized expert in providing professional behavioral health treatment planning & intervention services for complex mental health and substance use disorder cases. Evan began his career in the field as a community outreach counselor helping people in crisis successfully comply with drug, family, and criminal court-mandated counseling and case management orders.

As a result, early in his career, Evan learned to recognize the tremendous impact on outcomes by being able to bring both mental health and substance abuse services out of the classical office setting and directly into the homes of people battling symptoms of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, trauma, schizophrenia, and substance abuse.

His work has evolved into a strategically caring and comprehensively solution-focused approach towards intervening on the underlying issues contributing to both mental health and substance use disorders with dignity and understanding, along with an emphasis placed on esteem-building, conflict resolution, and deescalation.

From Boca Raton to Boston, Newport Beach to New York, Evan has conducted hundreds of successful behavioral health interventions all over the country for over the past 20 years. Although not every case involves the legal system, he specializes in both creating & implementing effective treatment plans for guardianship and court-ordered treatment cases.

In addition to his ability to intuitively tap into his own personal experience dealing with both mental health and substance abuse-related issues, Evan is a licensed psychotherapist, master certified addiction professional, certified intervention professional, and certified recovery residence administrator. Through years of experience, he has developed the unique ability to effectively harness the collective power of concerned loved ones, delicately converting the unifying elements of that energy into comprehensive behavioral health treatment planning & intervention solutions. As a result, he is able to break through seemingly impenetrable walls of resistance, denial, manipulation, and even bureaucratic red tape. The focus of attention then becomes the underlying issues impairing the ability to function independently.

Evan completed his clinical internship in mental health counseling at the University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital while receiving his formal clinical addiction training at the Hazelden School for Addiction Studies. He has appeared as a special guest on Keeping Up With the Kardashians and has been interviewed by ABC, CBS, and NBC News. Furthermore, Evan has been a contributing blogger for The Huffington Post, as well as a guest lecturer for The United Way, The National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, and Novasoutheastern University. Evan looks forward to sharing his experience, insight, and message of hope with you on behalf of helping your loved one during this difficult time. Although his work is complex, his philosophy is simple, “No matter what anyone else tells you, with a strategically caring, comprehensive, and unified approach, you do not have to wait another day to help a loved one in crisis.”

Evan Jarschauer


Licensed Psychotherapist
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